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'Architecture consists of planning, projection, harmony, modularity, appropriateness and distribution' - Vitruvius (c.90-c.20BC)


FMP/ R.W.M./ Reality of War Museum/ Final Design Proposal/ Spaces proposal/ Drawings/ Plans/ Sections/ Materials/ Detail


FMP/ Artists/ Suzanne Lacy/ Alfredo Jaar/ Research/ Site investigation/ Site Location/ St Albans/ IWM North/ Jewish Museum Berlin


RSA/ Mobility City/ Proposal in situ/ National rail/ Underground/ Tube/ Interchange/ How it works


RSA/ Mobility City/ Technical proposal/ Hansel Trail


RSA/ Mobility City/ Inspiration/ Animals/ Navigation


RSA/ Mobility City/ The issue/ Visually impaired/ Overcrouding/ Intolerance/ Lack of improvements for VI


DICHOTOMY 1 / 3D representation of words/ Internal 'Vs' Extarnal/ Research/ Sketch models/ Final 1:2 scale model/ Copper soldering


Designing with Nature/ Lighting exhibition/ Voice detecting/ EL wire/ At Viabizzuno showroom



Artist drawing like architects/ St. Albans/ Inspired by Marry Miss/ Site research/ Reflective Bridge



Tomorrows workplace/ Site research/ Bute Mills/ Development/ Model Making




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